Help a Child in Need

The Story

Approximately 15 million children in America live in poverty. Studies have revealed the adversity these children face seriously affects them psychologically leading to a lowered self-esteem as they mature. It is no secret that children are the most important resource to our future and need to feel a sense of self-worth to help acknowledge their importance.

Millions of Toys are donated each year through the Marine Toys for Tots Program which help deliver that message. The excitement in a child’s eye delivers a message of hope unlike most. The Marine Toys for Tots Program has become a passive mentoring platform unlike any other that focuses on providing a glimpse of hope in a needy child’s life.

Donate A Toy has partnered with Marine Toys for Tots to provide everyone the ability to support this program no matter their situation. Our online virtual platform allows for a diverse toy shop selection with varying prices to correlate with any financial budget. Our platform allows a user to donate as an individual or under a sponsor of their choosing. This gives companies, townships and organizations the ability to run their Toys for Tots toy drive virtual while having back end access to monitor donations throughout the duration of the drive.

Self Reflection

Remember what it felt like as a child to run down the stairs bursting with anticipation of what you may have waiting for you in the next room. Contrary, imagine the devastation you would have felt if you were to receive nothing. The pain an underprivileged child would envelop while listening to other children speak of the present’s they received is near unimaginable.

girl decorating Christmas tree

Your Challenge

There is a decision to be made: leave the responsibility of helping a child in need to others; or make a positive impact in a needy child’s life who will remember the presents they received forever.

Organizations and Businesses

You can sign up to run your virtual toy drive by clicking “Become a Sponsor” fill out the requested information so our team can contact you and set up your Sponsor Portal. Our marketing department will send over the required marketing material to have a successful virtual toy drive. All sales will be credited to your group and you will receive a Toys for Tots verified “Certificate of Donation” made out to your organization for your donation efforts.

Donate-A-Toy’s Effort

On behalf of all Donors we will be matching every donation made through our online portal to the Marine Toys for Tots Program. Donate A Toy has already donated $100,000 worth of toys outside of our Toy Match Program and will provide an opportunity for donations to reach millions of children through our Online Toy Match Program.

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