Our Most Popular Toy Donations Part 2

In part one of Our Most Popular Toy Donations, we highlighted the All-Inclusive Art Set, Over-The-Door Basketball Game, and the T-Rex Block Set. This article will spotlight some more of our most popular toy donations from last year’s holiday giving season.

Rainbow Soccer Ball

This rainbow-colored soccer ball is a great children’s gift for playground or backyard fun. And its vibrant colors keep younger children engaged for hours on end.

light-up wheel monster truck friction toy car

Friction Light-Up Big Wheel Truck

Let’s face it; almost all children love monster trucks! And this monster truck’s light-up wheels further ramp up the excitement. Just place the monster truck down, pull it back, and watch as it races across the room.

Light-Up Yo-Yo

Another childhood favorite, this yo-yo includes a motion-sensitive light. Last year, over 150 of these yo-yos were donated to children through our virtual toy drive platform.

light-up yoyo
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