Every Child Deserves a Merry Christmas

DonateAToy’s mission has always been to drive as many toys as possible into the hands of children in need. In order to accomplish this, we realized that it would be necessary to build a relationship with a charitable organization that has rightfully earned the trust of millions of people throughout the US.

Shop the Holiday Toy Collection

Every time you make toy purchase through our online donation portal, we match your donation. This means that for each toy you donate with us, you are actually donating two toys to a child in need! And the matched toy donation is always equal in value to the toy you choose to donate.

Types of Donations

Corporate Toy Drives

We simplify company toy drives, enabling you and your employees to virtually support children in need from wherever they are.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

We provide not-for-profit organizations with a digital donation platform, enabling them to create virtual toy drives that contribute straight to our remarkable mission to get toys into the hands of children in need.

Individual Donations

As an individual, you may not think your single donation will make a big difference. That could not be farther from the truth. Every toy donated leads to another child that will be smiling on Christmas morning. So, your toy donation makes a huge difference in that child’s life!

Let’s Connect to Make This Holiday Season a Little Brighter!