In the middle of December, the holiday season is in full swing. And while the halls are decked with garland and tinsel at home, and toys are under the tree; there are many children who are not as fortunate. That’s why Donate A Toy has teamed up with Toys For Tots; to deliver holiday cheer to children who need it. This year, you can provide holiday cheer to twice as many children in need, with us. Thankfully, it’s not to late to make a difference this holiday season.

Twice the Toys for the Holiday

When you donate through Donate A Toy, you make twice the impact. For each toy you donate, we send a second one. As a result, you can help twice as many children this holiday season. Millions of less fortunate children have their holidays brightened every year by Toys For Tots. Donating through Donate A Toy means that you can help twice as many children, because we match all toy and cash donations 100%. No matter how you want to make a difference, we can help you make twice as many children experience the joy of the holiday season. Above all, we want to ensure that every child has a happy holiday.

Donating Our Toys

Donate A Toy is a proud sponsor of Toys for Tots. We work with the local Toys for Tots donation warehouse. All of the toys donated through our website go directly to this warehouse, so that they can be distributed to the children of your community. Toys for Tots has approved all of our toys for donation. So spread the holiday cheer to less fortunate children by supporting Toys For Tots with us!

This holiday season, you can start donating toys through our website by clicking here. All purchasable items on our website are approved for donation through Toys For Tots. If you would like to donate cash instead, you can do so here. We use all cash donations to purchase toys for children in need. Donate A Toy will match 100% of all toys donated through cash donations or online toy purchases.